Welcome to Mashuu Dojo

Welcome to the Mashuu Dojo homepage! Located in Van Nuys, California, Mashuu Dojo is the only authorized branch dojo of the International Shinkendo Federation in the San Fernando Valley. Shinkendo, founded by world-renowned Master Toshishiro Obata, is dedicated to the study of authentic Samurai Swordsmanship. Our students learn the history and traditions of the Samurai, and learn practical, real combat techniques passed down from centuries of battle-tested methods.

Shinkendo is as much a philosophy as it is a form of combat. The very name, Shin (sincere or serious) – Ken (sword) – Do (a way of self-improvement) represents to us the opportunity to learn and do a thing with full sincerity and deep commitment, to improve ourselves spiritually and physically. This should be one’s constant goal in life. Obata Kaiso teaches us, “Jin-Sei Shinkendo,” or “Life is Shinkendo.” For more on Shinkendo, please visit this site on Japanese Swordsmanship

Mashuu Dojo gets its name from the famous Lake Mashuu in Japan, reputed to have the clearest, purest water in the world. This lake reflects the pure spirit and honest approach to Shinkendo that we pass on to our students.

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